1757 Golf Club (Dulles, VA on 07/02/16)

A friend and I kicked off the holiday weekend for a couple baseball games at Nationals Park and of “course” we included some golf. Even though I don’t follow Major League Baseball like I used to, I still enjoy seeing a new ballpark whenever I can! I’ve never been to Nationals Park and was excited to take in the sights and smells of a new stadium. I was in charge of the tee times and thought that it would be a once in a life time experience to play golf in Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland all on a Fourth of July weekend! My friend agreed and I picked 1757 Golf Club in Northern Virginia as our first stop.

When I looked at booking this course last week, I remembered first seeing its name in 2010 when I made my first journey to golf in the Mid-Atlantic states. The course had opened around that time, although I don’t recall if the whole course was open then or not. I just remember that it looked convenient to the airport! My Virginia stops on that trip were over in the Williamsburg area but I’ve remained curious about 1757 since moving to Virginia in 2012. I found a discount time for $55 per player and decided that we’d check it out this weekend!

The first thing that you’ll notice about 1757 is the location of the course. The course is in a wetlands area, but unlike some modern courses that are out in the middle of nowhere, 1757 is in an urban area. The crazy thing is that even though the course is surrounded by warehouses, roads, and power lines it had a secluded feeling. Out of all those things, the power lines were the most noticeable. Most holes are tree lined with one of many lakes coming into play. Broad Run, a tributary of the Potomac River, runs through the course and can come into play on a few holes too. Playing here almost feels like playing somewhere in Myrtle Beach! And if you like airplanes then you’ll definitely want to put 1757 on your list of courses to play! You can see and hear the massive jets as they either land or take off from Dulles International Airport. It is amazing how such a massive tube of steel can float through the air! The setting here isn’t like you’ll find at Bull Run or Raspberry Falls for example, but I thought the course is a nice retreat from the fast pace of North Virginia life nearby.

David Heatwole designed the course and he is a name that I didn’t recognize. At first I thought he was some one and done designer, but he is the real deal! He worked with Nicklaus Design before splitting out on his own, so most of his work seems to be hidden under Jack’s name. After playing here, it is clear that he isn’t a rookie designer! The piece of property isn’t ideal for a golf as there is a quite a bit of unusable land (think water) on an already small area. Heatwole did a fantastic job of using what he had to squeeze in a course. Normally at places with land constraints, there are one or two stupid holes just crammed onto the course as an afterthought. The 6th is an almost ninety degree dogleg and the 10th has a fairway that pinches a lot, but I didn’t think that there were any horribly designed holes. However, the course is short as it maxes out at 6,623 yards from the tips. It is a par 70 though which makes it play longer.

We played the Blue tees which are 69.9/140/6105 and the one thing that you need to know, as evidenced by the slope, is that the course is tough! I think it will even be downright brutal for higher handicappers! I’m about a 5 handicap right now and I hit a lot of good shots that weren’t rewarded. There is so much trouble around that it will be virtually impossible to make it around without losing a ball, even for great players. There are forced carries and hazards lurk on almost every shot. The starter even said the good thing about the course is that there won’t be any doubt if your ball is lost or not! If you are struggling then you could go through a sleeve of golf balls on just one hole! I didn’t seem to get many good bounces during my round and noticed very few bunkers on the low sides of the fairways. I didn’t think it was unfair, just difficult as you will need to hit good drives and approaches. The course is the Mid-Atlantic version of target golf! If you are an accurate player you might enjoy 1757 because there are three par 5’s and the yardages on the par 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s are nicely mixed. There are enough short holes so that you could knock down some flags.

We paid $55 and the course conditions were well worth that, especially in a major metropolitan area! The course appears to get a lot of play from the number of divots on the tees and in the fairways. That’s my only complaint, but I was out there hacking it up too! I ended up with great lies in the fairways as my ball avoided the divots. I even got some roll on my drives as the course was a touch on the firm side. That’s unusual during the summer months when courses around here play soft because of all the water needed to keep them from burning up! The greens were on the faster side and rolled pure. I had to factor in a bigger first bounce for my irons than normal as they were also a touch firm.

I’m pleased with my pick to play here, but the course may not be for everyone. We caught a low humidity day and ended up in a pocket without anyone around us. We played in 4 hours and 15 minutes and didn’t see a group in front of us nor behind us until we were pushed the last few holes. The design of 1757 grew on me as the round went along and the course ends on a fun, mid-length par 3 over water. I know some folks don’t like ending on a par 3, but I think they are great for creating drama. My friend knocked to 40 feet and I gave him some crap about his upcoming putt. He ran it in like a champ and now I’ll be reminded of that putt every round that we play going forward! It sure felt like a holiday weekend with those American pin flags. I love the look of them!

If you are debating on playing 1757, then I’d recommend checking it out. Just know that the course is tough! However, if you just want to practice then their practice facility is massive! It has a large range and a great short game area that I easily could have spent a couple hours enjoying. The final thing I’ll mention is a bit of trivia for the nerd in you! The golf course is named after the year that Loudoun County was established. And there you have it!

#1 (401 yard par 4):


#2 (354 yard par 4):

2-1 2-2

#3 (164 yard par 3):


#4 (298 yard par 4):

4-1 4-2

#5 (408 yard par 4):

5-1 5-2

#6 (398 yard par 4):

6-1 6-2

#7 (210 yard par 3):


#8 (319 yard par 4):

8-1 8-2

#9 (511 yard par 5):

9-1 9-2

#10 (538 yard par 5):


#11 (372 yard par 4):

11-1 11-2

#12 (288 yard par 4):


#13 (448 yard par 4):

13-1 13-2

#14 (149 yard par 3):


#15 (560 yard par 5):


#16 (160 yard par 3):

16-1 16-2

#17 (379 yard par 4):

17-1 17-2

#18 (148 yard par 3):



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