Becky Peirce Golf Course (Huntsville, AL on 05/01/16)

Well, this was one of those days where things didn’t go according to plan! If you read my first post about the trip, you’ll recall that we were supposed to play Limestone Springs today. After three days of 36 holes in a row, we planned to take the morning off and play an afternoon round at Limestone Springs, just outside of Birmingham. But, the weather didn’t cooperate!

We knew that some severe weather was on the way and our only options were to roll the dice or not play. We drove out to Limestone, hit a few balls, and looked at the radar. It didn’t look pretty and we figured we’d only get to play for about an hour before heading back to the clubhouse. Not knowing how long the rain would be around, we didn’t want to end up with a rain check that we most likely wouldn’t use. So, we decided to call it a day and save our cash. We drove to Huntsville and checked into our hotel which was close to Hampton Cove, our final stop on the RTJ Golf Trail.

I was a little mopey knowing that, from a golf perspective, it was a lost day. The weather up in Huntsville was pretty nice with the storms to the south so we figured we may as well go golf somewhere locally until dark! Besides Hampton Cove, I’ve never researched public golf in Huntsville. Becky Peirce was the closest public course to where we were so we paid our $15 to go walk as many holes as possible.

We played the white tees which are 6232/70.1/129. That’s shorter than I normally prefer, but the easier the better in this case so that we could zip around! Late on a Sunday afternoon, there weren’t many golfers out on the course. No one bothered us and the only other group that I saw was on the 17th while we were on the 11th. We played at a brisk pace hoping to see as much of the back nine as possible. We even caught a few rays of sun on what turned out to be a beautiful evening. I’m sure glad we headed to the course!

Becky Peirce Golf Course, formerly Huntsville Municipal Golf Course, was re-named after Becky Peirce. Peirce was an advocate for golf in Huntsville and served on the town’s golf advisory committee. I didn’t know any of this until I started digging around, curious who this course was named after! I found a really nice article that was written a few years ago about Peirce and I’d encourage you to check it out.

The course is a municipal course that’s located in an urban setting so there won’t be a ton for me to detail. The course is surrounded by roads on two sides and a park and apartments on the other sides. If you look farther than that, the mountains off in the distance offer nice views! The front nine is flat and has a few lakes in play. There won’t be too many holes of interest except the 5th, which is a long par 3 over water, or the 7th, which is a mid-length par 4 that doglegs into some trees. It has a skinny green and if you go left off the tee you could be blocked out from the green.

Most of the back nine borders the apartments, but the apartments are hidden from view by trees on the hillside. Some of the holes are framed nicely by the hillside. I liked the back nine better as there is some elevation change and the holes require more strategy. The 10th, a short par 5, is my favorite hole on the back because it plays into the hillside with the trees framing the fairway. The par 3 13th is another one of my favorites! It drops about a club down to the green and we enjoyed a nice sunset from the elevated tee.

It always pains me to say that a course is in poor condition, but I’d be lying if I said otherwise in this case. I don’t expect perfect conditions when playing a municipal course, but Becky Peirce was in rough shape. There were weeds, different patches of grass, and bare spots in the fairways. The greens were slow, which is common for a muni, but they bumped quite a bit and looked almost diseased in spots with grass that was different colors. I’m not sure the rain situation here, but the course played very firm and seemed to need some water. Most tees were fine, they just needed a mow. There was one tee, the 15th, where it appears the course decided to stop growing grass. It was artificial turf! I’ve never seen that before on a regulation course. But hey, it was $15 so it wasn’t a big ticket item. A small bucket of balls these days is $7 and I had much more fun adding a course to my list!

I’ve been less critical reviewing this course than I have of some others. My reason for that is because Becky Peirce offers cheap, affordable golf to the community. There are enough easy holes here that a beginner could gain some confidence on and enough tougher holes to make a lower handicap think. I had a great time at Becky Peirce as the temperature was perfect and after a few days of RTJ Trail courses packed with golfers, we had the place all to ourselves. As a bonus, we squeezed in 17 holes and then played the 18th in almost complete darkness!

#1 (348 yard par 4):


#2 (370 yard par 4):

2-1 2-2

#3 (538 yard par 5):


#4 (340 yard par 4):


#5 (197 yard par 3):


#6 (535 yard par 5):


#7 (372 yard par 4):

7-1 7-2

#8 (168 yard par 3):


#9 (322 yard par 4):


#10 (496 yard par 5):

10-1 10-2

#11 (386 yard par 4):


#12 (302 yard par 4):


#13 (178 yard par 3):


#14 (308 yard par 4):


#15 (124 yard par 3):


#16 (385 yard par 4):


#17 (341 yard par 4):


#18 (522 yard par 5):




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