The Tribute Golf Club (The Colony, TX on 09/18/13)

Since we were looking to head north out of Dallas after the round it made sense to try to play somewhere on the way out of town. After finding The Tribute we didn’t look at much else and it worked perfectly to walk on for a twilight time which ended up costing about $60. The last bit of the drive was through the community which is new construction homes with steep prices. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising to pass the entrance for Old American Golf Club which seems to be one of the premier courses in the area. Old American was too expensive so that is why we passed up trying to play there.

We were able to get out right away but before we did, the starter told us about the course. The only thing I paid attention to about the place is that it is a links style course. The starter expanded on this and explained that each hole is a replica of a famous hole from Scotland. I’ve never been to Scotland so I only recognized a few of the holes from major championships that I’ve watched on television. In addition, we played the Yellow Tees (73.2/128/7002) and the plaques with details about each hole were up from where we played so it wasn’t convenient to stop and read it after teeing off. A couple of the most recognizable holes are the 5th, 17th, and 18th. The 5th is a 127 yard par 3 which is a copy of the 8th hole at Royal Troon while the 17th and 18th are modeled after the close at St Andrews. The 17th being the “Road Hole” and the 18th has the famous Swilcan Bridge across the burn and the green with the “Valley of Sin”. Those were the standout holes to me and because a review of each hole would make for too much reading I will get into some other general things about the course.

The 1st hole is a 372 yard par 4 that plays parallel to the 18th and the whole width of both holes (maybe 100 yards) is all fairway. So as far as opening tee shots go, it is as easy as it gets. There are some burns that run through the course, including the 1st and 2nd holes, so it would be prudent to pay attention to the wind direction as the ball could take a big bounce on the firm fairways and run into trouble. I had a couple shots chase out more than I ever would have expected. In addition, the fairways had mounds so if the ball hit on the down slope it could run even more. Because of the firm conditions the course played much shorter than the yardage so moving a tee back shouldn’t be a problem. The 4th is a 431 yard par 4 that played tough with the wind direction and long approach. From the 5th to 8th the course turns towards (and then runs alongside) Lake Lewisville and we were treated to some nice views. The 9th is a 505 yard par 5 that had a rock wall down parts of the left side and could come into play if going for the green in two shots. Features like this are fun to see every now and then because they are unusual. The 9th, and many other holes, were well bunkered off the tee so it was important try to avoid the fairway bunkers. I think the back is the stronger nine as it some more demanding and fun holes. The 10th is a 456 yard par 4 that moves right with a fairway that slopes left towards some trouble. Once the tee shot is handled then the approach plays to a green that sits behind a large mound making it impossible to see where to land it.  The 13th is a 310 yard par 4 that played downwind and could allow for a tee shot up by the green. The 16th is a tough par with trouble right, a creek short of the green, and a large greenside bunker. The 17th has the tee shot over the out of bounds to the fairway, the famous bunker guarding the green, and the rock wall behind the green. I like a course where it is open off the tee and the Tribute certainly offers that. The trouble came on the perimeter holes and the fescue that separates the internal holes.

I called to find out when the course was aerating the greens and it wasn’t for another couple weeks so I was disappointed to find that maybe a third of the greens were aerated and sanded. The others rolled okay but were a bit slow. The greens were the worst part of the course when we played but the rest was in good shape. The fairways gave a nice lie and the only spots needing some water were the tops of the mounds in the fairways. I could have done without the small flags as they were tough to see, but I liked the course as it was a novelty course and fun to play.





#2 green looking back:




#4 green:


#5 marker:












#9 green:




#14 green looking back:






#17 approach:


#17 green:




#18 marker:



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